Look about laser cutting services for wood

Laser cutting employs industrial laser cutters to slice on different range of materials, including synthetic, metallic and non metallic materials of different thickness. During laser cutting process, the laser beam generated via stimulating parts by electrical discharge, laser-beam produced by melt and blow, vaporization, cold cutting, thermal stress cracking or any number of techniques.

Laser cutting services for wood

List of wood apt for laser cutting and engraving
  • Cedar wood
  • Balsa wood
  • Alder wood
  • Solid wood
  • Solid timber
  • Genuine wood
  • Veneer
  • Natural wood
How does laser cutting and laser engraving of wood work?
This is quiet common among many of them. When cutting wood or timber, high-processing speed and clear edge are mainly significant thus it is good to apt for laser cutting services. Wood laser cutting can give clean and accurate edges, yet even while working on hard shapes and sizes. Time consuming and tricky cleaning processes drop away as no-chips are created when engraving or cutting timber or wood using laser cutting tool.
How can wood be cut or engraved with a laser?

When cutting or engraving wood with the laser, personalization and individualization are often most important: text or lines are applied to photo frames to increase their value; photographs or even logos can be realized with incredible detail with the laser. Hot stamping using a die cannot produce such accurate detail, nor is it possible to switch immediately to a different motif. Using the laser provides the user with extreme flexibility and the ability to refine the woods in a very high quality.

Can any type of wood be cut or engraved using laser?

Since the wood is natural part, user has to think different characteristics like for ex. the resin content and density, while working with wood. If it is soft wood types like for ex. Balsa wood, need low-laser power and can cut at high-speed. For hard wood, it needs high-laser power to cut precisely.

Does the wood burn during laser cutting?

In the cutting consent of the parts, the laser can make temperature amplify which is higher than sublimation heat of wood. The "rapidly evaporated" – to say in other point: distilled – wood is evident in the type of smoke-escaping on fast rate. This smoke will transport the heat away from wood. Thus, there is only fairly low-thermal stress on parts near the cutting clearance. By precise focusing and choosing the suitable optics and via supplying compressed-air, high quality cuts will be produced.

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Benefits of water jet cutting services - Why should choose waterjet?

Water jet cutting method provides manufacturers flexibility which no other cutting method can provide. It has wide range of applications and can cut any type of materials even with irregular shape and size which provide accuracy and edge quality. Straight cuts, curves, internal lettering and holes once cut via hand can now be cut easily in fraction of time using water jet cutting tools.

Look out benefits of water jet cutting services

Superior Edge Quality
High-edge quality is known to be most significant reasons why designers choose water jet. Water jet cutting produces clear and smooth burr-free edge.

Edge-quality produced via waterjet is function of pressure, speed, nozzle size and abrasive flow-rate. In lot of cases water jet removes needed for secondary processing, therefore creating important time-savings and enhancing competence in the workshop. 

Precise Internal Cut-outs
With cutting precision of ±0.1 - ±0.2-mm (precision varies among machines), water jet is adaptable cutting tool that is why it’s utilized globally in lot of industries for complex jobs and designs that need high tolerances. 

Cuts Virtually Any Thickness or Shape
High-pressure water mixed using abrasive makes needle-sharp cutting stream that can cut on any type of thickness and shape. This contains bonded laminated parts like rubber-lined wear plates and aluminium composite panel.

Efficient and Cost Effective
Like all tools, there is best tool for every application. Water jet excels in cutting very thick products like composites, materials, aluminium, multi-layer parts, hardened-steels over 25-mm-thick and much more than can be cut with no heat affected zone.

If you are searching for ideal process that can provide high-edge quality with no-heat affected zone and has flexibility to cut any type or thickness of parts, then it is best to look for water jet cutting choices.

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No-Heat Affected Zones
Water jet is known to be cold cutting process that removes issues caused via heat-distortion and hardened-edges. This is mainly benefits for complex shape and products that need additional care while cutting.

Increased Cutting Flexibility
In simple terms, if your product can't be cut by waterjet, it probably can't be cut at all! The flexibility to be able to efficiently cut almost any job that your clients require is one of the key reasons waterjet is such an attractive option. 

No Tool Changes needed
Enhance operating profitability and efficiency via cutting all parts on one tool. Waterjet utilizes same tool for slicing any types of product – no require of changing cutting machines when exchanging to another product.

List of materials can cut by water jet

List of products that can cut easily by water jet cutting services are

Ceramics - Porcelain, floor, wall tiles and wear liners
Aluminium - Tipper trailers, boat manufacturers, general fabrication
Plastics: Fibreglass, kevlar, composites, polyethylene
Gasket Manufacture: Cork, neoprene, foam, rubber
Automotive: trims, carpets, head linings, insulation
Hardened Steels - Armour plating, military hardware, Bisalloy
Glass: Splashbacks, doors, glass art, GPO cut-outs
Marble and Granite - Kitchen and bathroom vanity tops, monuments, memorials, decorative flooring

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